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We are looking for an outgoing person with the ability to establish contact and develop good relationships. You have a strong drive and a desire to develop yourself and your co-workers in a fast-growing company that wants to change our world for the better. Our solution challenges old methods, which require you to be engaged with a strong conviction and willingness to think differently and challenge the established.


is to minimize emissions, increase efficiency, and improve safety during and after training of machine operators in construction, transport, and agriculture.


is a world leader in simulation-based training with about 45 employees. Our primary focus is Europe, although we provide our products to the whole world. We are a workplace where creativity and your own initiatives are high on the agenda, as well as a social environment and good results. Our head office is in Tanumshede in Bohuslän on the west coast of Sweden.


is a simulator-based training tool for schools, educational companies, and machine manufacturers worldwide. We use the latest gaming technology to create world-class graphics and software combined with professional hardware to provide realistic virtual learning environments.


that trust, efficiency, and development are the cornerstones of a healthy business. You need to comply.


- Speak fluent English
- Truly love people
- Take pride in developing and training salespeople
- Develop and ensure motivation, joy, and team spirit
- Believe in a structured sales process with the use of CRM
- Have a proven track record of field sales
- Have been coaching a sales team located in different parts of the world
- Communicate regularly with the operations team
- Enjoy traveling and work closely with local sales


- Speak a second language, like Scandinavian, German or French
- Understand ROI argumentation and public procurement
- Think it is obvious to surpass customers expectation


Start Q1 2021
Location West coast, Sweden.
Send your application to
Questions Freddy Lund / CEO / +46 706 56 45 33

Our head office is located in Tanumshede in northern Bohuslän, Sweden.

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