Viktor Nilsson Tenstar simulation

Introducing Viktor Nilsson

We're thrilled to now be welcoming Viktor Nilsson as Tenstar's new Fair and Event Coordinator

During her previous work within marketing and sales for sports diving, Johanna was responsible for events and participated in them frequently, both nationwide and internationally, including a yearly event in the US. Her extensive professional background also covers everything from education to project management.

“I believe that the key to a successful event is commitment, good planning, and preparation. You need to have a clear intention behind your participation. Be on time, have a plan, and keep track of all the details. And of course, evaluate afterwards so that you actively can improve for the next event.”

Johanna also shared some thoughts about Tenstar and simulation in modern education:

“Simulation provides the opportunity to practice in a safe and realistic way. I have a teenage daughter who is in the process of getting her driver’s license, and it is amazing to be able to give her the opportunity to get lots of practice using the simulator. Especially more difficult aspects like weather conditions, darkness, and exercises where other vehicles or surrounding elements are at risk of being damaged. It is important for me to work with something I believe in and can stand behind – and Tenstar has a product that is fully in tune with the modern-day world; cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and safe.”

We have already seen some of what Johanna can bring to the table during her short time here at Tenstar while she was helping us with the recent ConExpo in Las Vegas, and we can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Welcome to Tenstar, Johanna!

- Johanna Strömberg, Event & Fair Coordinator

Welcome to our world of simulation, Johanna!

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