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Introducing Philippe Rembry

Another star joins the Tenstar team!

Say hello to our new Sales manager - Philippe Rembry!

With extensive sales management experience at innovative companies, Philippe defines the Tenstar simulation solutions, with its comprehensive program, as a natural part of high-quality driving education.

"Simulation is the perfect method for training individuals and preparing them for real-life situations and performance. I believe that we very soon will much rather talk about disadvantages for those who do not use simulator-based training in the driving education, compared to those who do use the Tenstar solution."
- Philippe Rembry, Sales manager.

Through his broad career, Philippe has gained significant knowledge of how to adapt an information structure in complex processes to match the customer's needs. We hope that by adding his expertise, we'll provide you as a customer with an even better simulation experience!

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Please contact your local sales representative for more information.


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