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Introducing Lasse Holm

We're excited to introduce Lasse Holm as part of the Tenstar team!

Say hello to our new Business Area Manager within the transport industry - Lasse Holm!

Lasse's primary focus will be to create the best conditions for integrating simulation in today's training process. Simply put, he'll make sure the authorities, politicians, and others involved have the proper knowledge and understanding.

"At Tenstar Simulation, we have the best developers in the industry who can do pretty much anything. My mission is mainly to listen to what customers, educators, and users want, to make sure we're always at the forefront of development."
Lasse Holm, Business Area Manager Transport

Tell us a bit about the transport industry, Lasse. What challenges does the industry face?
"One of the biggest challenges for the transport industry is to attract and keep young talents. It's an industry for the future with many opportunities, but educating truck drivers is very expensive. Educational simulators will help reduce costs and help save time for everyone involved. With simulation, the sky is the limit. In ten years, simulators will be the primary tool for bus and truck education."

We look forward to seeing that happen! Welcome to Tenstar Simulation, Lasse!

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Please contact your local sales representative for more information.


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