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It's all in the details

- Saving time with simulation

What makes for a great user experience? Might it sometimes be the details you hardly notice? To ensure everything runs smoothly without disturbing or time-consuming moments for the Tenstar users, we need to identify and remove even the smallest obstacles.

One great example of continually improved details is the Tenstar Quick-switch, our uniquely adapted bracket that makes it possible to change joysticks on Tenstar simulators in no more than 10 seconds. Anders Pearson, hardware designer at Tenstar, walked us through the birth of the Quick-switch. ⬇️

First, we identified the problem:

"When I started at Tenstar, just about a year ago, changing joysticks on the simulators was a complicated thing. It took up too much of students' and teachers' time during lessons. To change the maneuvering joysticks and thereby switch the machine you're driving, the teacher had to unscrew an entire armrest, pull out socket and cords on the back of the chair seat, insert a new armrest, connect the sockets and fold in the cables. It obviously took too long, and besides that, the armrests took up space."

Then, we solved it:

"I love to develop solutions that make it easier for the user, and my broad knowledge from hardware engineering sure came in handy. I went through difficulties, different materials, measuring, experimenting, testing, and prototyping. And after working closely with our suppliers, the outcome turned out really great. I'm very pleased with the work we've achieved with the Quick-switch, and from what I've heard, the customers are too."

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