simulaton-based learning is effective, safe and green


Simulation strengthens the students

Simulators allow students to gain more hours in the machine or vehicle regardless of season and weather and can even practice on their own with minimal teacher presence.

Learning by simulator


Simulation reduces accidents

Students train in a safe and relaxed environment and can practice extreme situations and operations without risking injury or machine damage.

learning by simulation


Simulation reduces emissions

Producing and running a simulator leaves a minimal climate footprint, compared to a traditional machine running on fossil fuels.

economic by simulation


Simulation is cost-effective

A simulator is a smart investment with low operating costs and minimal downtime. And one teacher can train several students simultaneously.

Tenstar User Xperience

Tenstar User Xperience offers a clean and keyboard free user interface, making use of all the screens and primarily the touch screen when selecting machine type and exercise. The user can resume where he or she previously left off, simply by logging in with a personal login.

Tenstar scoring system

Tenstar Scoring System

Tenstar Scoring System provides performance-based scorecards and progress charts - focusing on Safety, Quality and Economy - enabling evaluation, feedback and incentive for student progress and development.

The scorecard and progress charts allow the instructor to track each student’s development making it possible to give unique and personal instructions for every student.

The Scoring System also enables real time feedback, to the student, ensuring continued and focused improvement in key areas.

Tenstar record and replay

Tenstar Record and Replay

Tenstar Record and Replay - TRR, can record the whole training session and store it, all simulated features included, as a small file with a ground-breaking solution. Thanks to this it is possible to replay any situation in slow motion or stop it completely.

The replayed exercise can be viewed from any chosen angle at any given time. This timeline feature provides the instructor with an extended tool to follow up and provide feedback to the student. This makes it possible to understand why a situation occurred and how it could be prevented.

The replay can be run on the simulator via the touch control or at the teacher’s computer both with a unique intuitive interface.

Multi machine environment

Multi Machine Environment

MME allows multiple users to enter the simulation making interactive cooperative training possible. This is a groundbreaking feature in simulation as a training tool to prepare the student for the real interaction with other users, says Fredrik Alexandersson, senior developer at Tenstar Simulation.

Multi Machine Environment - MME, allows the users to network multiple simulator seats/machines into one site environment. An example of this can be seen in the road construction exercise where a track excavator work with two articulated dump trucks delivering material to a dozer carrying out final trimming on the highway.

Virtual training space

Virtual Training Space – VTS

Tenstar Virtual Training Space, VTS, is the natural evolution of simulation training. It allows multiple users to enter the same space, making interactive, cooperative advanced training possible. Teamwork is essential to any work environment, especially when operating heavy machinery. Users can safely, regardless of weather, practice simultaneous use of multiple machines in collaborative exercises.

An example of this can be seen in the road construction exercise where a track excavator works with two articulated dump trucks, delivering material to a dozer carrying out final trimming on the highway.

Up to 4 users can interact as VR-Avatar, for example as:

- an instructor giving instructions
- a surveyor/grade controller setting out for machines
- a machine banksman/traffic marshal/siteforeman

This provides non machine operators the unique opportunity to interact with site operations in a safe and controlled environment, the training possibilities are endless!

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