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Wheel Excavator • Track Excavator • Wheel Loader • Tower Crane • Dump Truck • Dozer • Grader • Telescopic Handler


Wheel Loader • Crane Lorry • Timber Crane Truck • Forklift


Bus • Car • Long Hauler • Truck with trailer


Tractor • Combine Harvester • Telescopic Handler • Wheel Loader


Forwarder • Harvester

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Score based on Safety, Quality & Economy

Tenstar Scoring System

TSS - Tenstar Scoring System enables evaluation, feedback and incentives for the student’s progress and development. This allows the teacher to follow each student’s development and provide personalized instructions. The scoring system enables real-time feedback to the student, which ensures continued and focused improvement in important areas. Students and teachers can review continued development over time and get help identifying areas that need further improvement.

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Safe training

Allows students to train in a safe, secure and relaxed environment. They can practice extreme situations and operations without risking injury and machine damage resulting in downtime of machines.

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Effective training

Simulators allow more students to practice on their own without the teacher’s presence, regardless the weather. Also the opportunity to practice special scenarios and accessories such gps systems.

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A simulator is a great addition to an actual machine and an effective way to keep costs down. The investment in a medium-sized excavator corresponds to many training simulators

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A simulator system has only 3% of the environmental impact of an actaul excavator. Using simulators contributes to an improved environment.

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State of the art

State of the art graphics/3D make our simulators world leading, a tool that make future machine operators prepare for reality.

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Exercise with our analysis tool (TSS), several operators working in the same environment (MME) togehter with professional hardware.

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World First News!

Excavator working in an Extended Reality! ...

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Tower Crane and Crane Lorry

- Now with VR!...

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Machine Control Training Simulator

For Excavator - now also for Dozer!...

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